10 essentials for a walk with Pitou

walk with pitou

The good weather has arrived! And who says good weather, also says walking with Pitou! I don't know about you, but there's nothing better than taking a nice long walk with your dog when the weather is nice outside!

In this article, I will show you my 10 ESSENTIALS for a walk with Pitou!

1. Harness

Did you know that any dog ​​over 20kg (44lbs) must, at all times, wear a harness when he is in a public place in Quebec?* The harness is therefore an ESSENTIAL if you have a large dog.

The harness is also more ergonomic for your dog, regardless of size!

But be careful, it is important to choose the right harness to avoid hurting your dog. The harness should fit snugly and should not alter your dog's gait (eg T-harnesses that block the shoulder joint and can put pressure on the trachea should be avoided).

We strongly advise you to go with a Y-shaped harness which will distribute the pressure, release the shoulders and avoid chafing. We LOVE the Y-harnesses from True Love , since they are adjustable both at the chest level and at the neck level. Thus, we can really find the perfect fit for our dog.

In addition, these harnesses have 3 attachment points, so there is no need to pass the harness around Pitou's neck. It is ideal for dogs who do not like this manipulation or who have a big head.


* laws may differ from one municipality to another.


2. Leash

Like the harness, the leash of 6 feet or less is also mandatory in public. Personally, I like leashes that have multiple handles. These allow me to better control my dog ​​when passing passers-by, but also to give my dog ​​a little more freedom when we are alone.

Multi-function leashes are also SUPER practical. They are very versatile and can be used in many ways. I use mine often when we go for a picnic or if we go on a terrace since I can tie my dog ​​to a tree or a solid tie.

leave alone


An incredibly practical product, the HydroSmart ! It's a tip that you screw directly onto your water bottle to form a small bowl. Water from the bottle pours directly into the 'bowl' when the button is pressed. The anti-backflow system ensures that the water does not return to your bottle once it is in the 'bowl'. So you can share your bottle with your Pitou without any problem!


4. Daily treats

Even if your dog is a king of leash walking, it's important to keep rewarding him to encourage this good behavior and make sure it persists. I therefore bring with me several treats that my dog ​​appreciates and I offer him from time to time during our walk when I am happy with his behavior.

5. 'High value' treats

When I take a walk, in addition to the daily treats, I make sure to always have high value treats with me. It's a treat your dog would do ANYTHING to get. Every time I come across another dog or a big distraction, presto! I pull out this high-value treat to divert his attention and make sure my dog's focus is on me.

Usually a high value treat will be a treat that is very tasty and much loved by your dog. But that's not all! It is very important to give the high value treat only at a certain specific time to benefit from the scarcity effect and have better attention/focus at that time! It's a bit like us when we eat at the restaurant something that we love and that we don't eat often, it's even more delicious!

walking on a leash

6. Treat Bag

Lugging all these treats in your hands or in their original bag is really not ideal! That's why I always use a small treat bag . It attaches to the belt and closes with a drawstring to prevent the treats from falling out or your dog getting his nose in it. This bag is also super practical when we go to visit somewhere since I always have treats close at hand!

treat bag

7. Unwanted Lotion

Nobody likes bugs, neither does your dog! Before each outing, I spray a little unwanted lotion on my dog ​​(and me hehe)! This lotion made from 100% natural products helps prevent the presence of fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, skin parasites and yeasts. Prevention is better than cure!

undesirable lotion

8. Poo bags

There's nothing worse than stepping into a pile of 💩. Do your part and pick up your Pitou's poo! Little tip: get yourself a poop bag dispenser that you can attach directly to your leash! It will prevent you from forgetting bags! Many dispensers also have a small clip to hang the bag in case there is no trash can or composter nearby.

Psst. We also always prioritize compostable bags to help our beautiful planet :)

poo bag

9. Tick tweezers

Although the unwanted lotion is very effective, there is no magic cure for ticks. We therefore advise you to always have a tick tweezer at hand. In fact, if a tick is removed within 24 hours, it has a much lower chance of transmitting lyme disease. To learn more about ticks and how to prevent them naturally, click here. 

tick tweezers

10. Chewy Bar - Little loyals or Vita

Finally, during my long walks, I make sure to always bring a healthy snack to my Pitou. Truth be told, expending all that energy must make him hungry! I like the Little Loyals bars or the Vita Pimikan bars. They are nutritious and individually wrapped which makes them super easy to carry.

little loyals bar

And you, what are your essentials for a walk with Pitou?

Psst. Please pay attention to the beautiful little pads of your loves! It may not show, but asphalt can be EXTREMELY hot for your dog's little paws on a summer day. So be sure to check if it's too hot and if so, prioritize outings early in the morning, in the evening or on grass or in the forest!