10 reasons why we love SodaPup interactive toys

Just like physical exercise, mental stimulation is an extremely important need in dogs. You can go for hours walking with your dog, but he will still need to be mentally stimulated in order to keep a good balance.

A range of interactive toys we LOVE are enrichment toys from SodaPup and Muttskickbutt (a sub-brand of SodaPup). Indeed, a single toy can be used in many different ways.

Here are 10 reasons why we LOVE SodaPup interactive toys:

  • 1. They are SUPER cute

  • Well, at first glance, we can agree that SodaPup toys are so cute! Ice cream cone, retro van, coffee cup, little bear, beer bottle, cupcake, etc. I can't decide which one is my favorite! They are all very lively and colorful!

  • 2. It's a durable toy that your dog can chew on

  • In addition to being super cute, these toys are durable and made to be chewed. Are you tired of Pitou chewing up the corner of your furniture? Give him a suitable toy that he can chew all he wants!*

    ** Be careful, although they are very durable, some extreme notchers still manage to break them. Please always watch your dog and remove the toy if he manages to break it.

  • 3. You can use it as a dispenser toy

  • And yes! These toys can also be used as dispensing toys. Just add treats and let your dog try to get them out. This should occupy him at least a few minutes and stimulate him mentally. If it's too easy for him, try varying the size of the treats you put inside 😋

  • 4. You can put a chewy treat in it to make it last longer

  • Your dog loves chewy treats, but eats them too quickly for you? SodaPup toys are perfect for improving the situation! Its opening allows you to wedge a chewy treat in it and make the pleasure last a little longer. Plus, your dog will be mentally stimulated to try and get them out of there!

  • 5. It's a “Slow Feeder”

  • Does your dog devour his plate in less than a minute? It is possible to slow down his feeding while stimulating and entertaining him by adding his meals to a SodaPup interactive toy. Of course, you can just put his kibble in the toy. On the other hand, there are endless possibilities to spice up your meals a little!

    • Moisten your croquettes in water or broth
    • Add pâté, stewor raw food
    • Toss your kibble with peanut butter (or just stuff the toy with peanut butter as a treat)
    • Hide some treats through his meal
    • Etc.

  • 6. It can be put in the freezer to make the pleasure last

  • To increase playtime and treats, the stuffed toy can be put in the freezer without any problem. In addition to making the fun last longer, this tactic allows you to prepare several at the same time.

    Plus, this freezer toy can also help soothe the gums of teething puppies.

  • 7.It reduces boredom and certain unwanted behaviors

  • As this toy has multiple functions and is able to occupy your dog for several minutes or even hours in a day, it is the ideal toy to reduce boredom Thus, it could help to reduce certain undesirable behaviors such as yelping, destruction, anxiety, etc.

  • 8. It's dishwasher safe

  • While that might be a bit of a “loose” reason, we really like the fact that the toys can be washed in the top rack of our dishwasher. Pitou has finished playing with his SodaPup? Hop! We put it in the dishwasher and then it is ready for another play session :).

  • 9. Materials are environmentally conscious

  • It is very important to us to offer our customers responsible products that have a minimal impact on the environment. All SodaPup toys are made in the USA and are FDA compliant. In addition, depending on the model, they are all either biodegradable or recyclable.

  • 10. Our dogs love them!

  • Most importantly for the end, our dogs love them! Whether the toys are stuffed, filled with training treats, or contain a chewy treat, our dogs are always happy when they see them. That's when you think: Wow these toys are really awesome!