Chewing, an essential need for dogs!

Our dogs' mouths are made for chewing. Truth be told, chewing is completely natural and essential for a dog. 🦴 In order to fill this need and keep your furniture and shoes intact, we advise you to offer a chew treat to your dog a minimum of 3 times a week and we can even give it every day . 😋

Chewing: a ton of benefits for your dog!

Beyond the fact that chewing is a natural action for your dog, it also offers a host of benefits for your dog. Indeed, it allows to:

  • Spending your dog's energy 🤩: A chewing session is extremely energy-consuming for your dog. This energy expenditure will also allow your dog to channel his energy and also reduce his loneliness.
  • Reduce stress 🧘: Chewing is also a great way to reduce stress and anxiety in your dog. You have visitors, you change your environment dog? We strongly advise you to always have treats to chew on hand.
  • Promote good oral hygiene 🦷: Chewable treats are great for reducing plaque and tartar on your dog's teeth. Thus regular chewing will allow your dog to have better dental hygiene.
  • Reduce biting 🐶: puppies have a great need to chew (oh how fun for the hands of little shark teeth!), offering treats to chew as soon as he arrives at home will relieve his little teeth and save your hands and your furniture.

But what to choose as a chew treat? 🤔

The choice can be difficult! There are a MULTITUDE of different chew treats on the market, but BEWARE! ⚠️ Some treats could be dangerous for your dog, for example the babiche bones (rawhide) which are found in several shops are to be avoided. 🙅

At Animaluxe, you can find+100 chewable treats that are 100% natural and safe for your dog*. You don't have to break your head, everything you find in the shop is good for your Pitou. 😍

Although your dog may have a favorite treat, we advise you to vary what you offer him. Different treats can have different benefits for your dog. 😋 For example, fish-based treats 🐟 are an excellent source of omega which promotes a beautiful coat. Collagen treats, on the other hand, are a great source of chondroitin and glucosamine which help reduce joint inflammation, among other things. As for the Bully Sticks, its filamentous texture allows it to act like dental floss on the teeth

Finally, varying the treats helps to clean your dog's teeth more since the shape of each treat allows it to go into different corners of the mouth. 😍

We advise you to try our different sets which offer a variety of DELICIOUS treats which allows your dog to vary the treats and discover new things.

  • 100% Quebec chewing set
  • Econo-Kit: Your Favorites

* Be careful to always watch your dog when you give him a chew to prevent him from swallowing too large pieces.

Does your dog have a strong jaw? Here are our toughest treats!

The jaw strength from one dog to another can be greatly different, so it is difficult to give an estimate of how long a treat will take. However, in our experience and that of our customers, here are the chew treats that are usually more resistant. 💪

Chew-resistant treats that aren't eaten whole : These treats aren't meant to be eaten whole! Rather, they are made to be chewed on. They are usually very strong.

- Olive wood and Ebony wood 

- Heather root

- Half antler

- Goat horn

- Buffalo horn

- Clog t

Whole Chew Resistant Treats: Unlike antlers, roots and horns, these treats can be eaten whole! Be sure to always watch your dog when giving him a chew treat and make sure he doesn't swallow too large chunks.

- Cheeky Roll: Roll of beef cheek

- Cheeky Bully Stick

- Pork Stick

- Yak Cheese

-Braided bully stick

- Collagen sticks

👉 Chewing is essential and offers several benefits for your dog. It is therefore important to add chewing activity to your daily routine. Your dog will say THANK YOU!

Visit our Chewable Treats category to discover +100 100% natural chewy treats that your dog will love!