Open Farm, high quality responsible food 👌


When the time comes to choose a food for your dog, the choice can be difficult. There are a host of companies and even more varieties. By choosing Open Farm, we are not mistaken! Open farm offers quality foods from ethical sources and with minimal impact on the environment. 🌳

Here are 6 reasons why Open Farm is a food of choice 👌:

1. Nutritious and quality ingredients

Every ingredient found in Open Farm food is a useful ingredient in your dog's diet. Thus, we do not find ingredients that have the simple purpose of filling your dog as we can find in other foods of lesser quality.

In each dry food recipe, we find:

  • 1st ingredient being humanely raised meat or poultry, or sustainably caught fish
  • An excellent source of omega fatty acids: sustainably fished whitefish meal
  • Functional ingredients, like coconut oil, are known to help support bone health and metabolism
  • GMO-free fruits and vegetables
  • No artificial colors, flavors or preservatives

Bonuses! In the grain-free recipe we find:

  • Fiber-rich ingredients to help support intestinal and digestive health: chicory root, lentils, pumpkin and flaxseed
  • A blood sugar level below 10

In the recipe with ancient grains, we find:

  • A nutrient-rich blend of grains including steel-cut oats, quinoa, brown rice and sorghum
  • No peas, legumes or potatoes
2. Sourcing is done ethically and sustainably

Open Farm has several different certifications that demonstrate their ethical and sustainable sourcing:

Certified Humane: Ensures its partners employ more respectful and responsible breeding practices, certifying activities that meet specific humane standards.

Oceanwise: adopts strict sustainability standards for sourcing to minimize bycatch, avoid overfishing, and protect the environment and the seabed.

Global Animal Partnership: ensures audits are carried out on farms to create better, more natural environments and ensure humane treatment of animals.

3. Every ingredient is traceable

On each bag of Open Farm food you will find a small code that allows you to trace EACH ingredient to the source. So you can know where everything in your food pouch comes from and what function each ingredient plays in your dog's diet.

The great transparency of Open Farm allows us to trust that what we put in the bowl of our dogs is good for them.

4. Their food is designed to provide a rotating diet

Who likes to eat the same thing every day for their whole life? Your dog is no exception! Open Farm recipes are designed so you can change so with each pocket to provide your dog with a variety of different flavors and proteins.

It's also a great way for slightly pickier dogs (like Bertha hihi) to stay motivated with their food!

5. Packaging is recycled through the TerraCycle program

About 90% of food bags on the market are not recyclable. In order to have a minimal impact on the environment, Open Farm has partnered with the company TerraCycle who recycle Open Farm food bags. It is therefore possible to return directly to Animaluxe or by sending your empty food bag free of charge by post via TerraCycle . It's a small gesture that can have a big impact for our planet!

6. Company actively committed to reducing their impact on the environment

Open Farm works very hard to reduce their impact on the environment. In addition to sourcing responsibly and offering a recycling program, Open Farm is committed to reducing their carbon footprint by 42% by 2030. They are therefore actively working to optimize their activities of supply, delivery and transportation. Additionally, they offset their emissions by selecting from verified carbon offset programs like the Darkwoods Forest Conservation Project, Grasslands Portfolio and others.

By choosing Open Farm, you are ensuring that you are giving your dog the best quality and ethically sourced ingredients while supporting a company that does everything in its power to reduce its ecological impact.

To discover all our Open Farm products, it's here :

Would you like to make the 'switch' to Open Farm? Here's how:
Day 1-3: 25% new food, 75% old food
Day 4 to 6: 50% new food, 75% old food
Day 7 to 9: 75% new food, 25% old food
Day 10: 100% new food!