Top 7 best training treats according to your dogs đŸ€©

We asked our community on our social media what their dog's favorite training treats were. After receiving HUNDREDS of responses, we were able to create a list of the best training treats according to your dogs:

  1. Beef Liver
  2. Wild Weenies
  3. Etta Says Sit
  4. Great Jack's
  5. Fruitables
  6. Just Jerky Bites
  7. Crunchy O's

To our surprise, several GREAT treats didn't make it to the top treats list. Here are a few worth trying!
1. Eat Simple Treats from Etta Says : These freeze dried treats are 100% natural and great smelling, dogs who try them LOVE them! In addition, their texture allows them to be tapered smaller and used during training.
2. Vital Essentials Treats: These treats come in many delicious flavors (rabbit, beef tripe, minnows, etc.)! Their small format is IDEAL for training! Plus the ingredient list is super short, which is awesome!
3. Snack It: Made with real fruit these treats are great for dogs with allergies or who love fruity treats!