Animalux in a nutshell

Animaluxe is a boutique specializing in quality products for dogs. We select them with the greatest care to ensure that they are adequate and healthy for your dog's health. In other words, when you make your purchase, you can be assured that the product is neither toxic nor dangerous* for him! Our name says it: buying from us is betting on a LUXURY experience!

100% natural chew treats, interactive toys that take advantage of your dog's mental stimulation, supplements to meet various needs and service adapted to each customer, Animaluxe is the reference when it comes to a shop for dogs!

In addition to our competitive prices, we make sure to offer a fast and affordable delivery time. From Montreal to Saguenay Lac-Saint-Jean, via Vancouver or Toronto, we deliver everywhere in Canada as soon as possible!

*However, it is essential to watch your dog during chewing activity or when you give him a new toy; each dog is different, and therefore needs products that are adapted to him!

Animalux: a guarantee of quality

Less than $99.00 before taxes: our delivery charges are set at $8.99.

Above $99.00 before taxes: delivery is free for Quebec and Ontario.

For the rest of Canada, delivery charges are $13.00.

Please note: additional fees may apply for more remote areas, such as the Northwest Territories, Nunavut and the Yukon. In this case, the exact prices will be confirmed during the validation of the order.

Shipping times are 1 to 5 business days for Canada*; we are working very hard to ensure that your dog receives his order as soon as possible!

They can be up to 8 working days for more remote areas*

* Delivery times may vary during high seasonal volumes or exceptional situations with parcel carriers.

Yes it's possible! When you place your order, you will first receive a receipt confirmation email. Then we will work very hard to prepare your package as soon as possible. When your box is ready, we will deliver it to our postal provider; this is when you will receive a follow-up email. So you can track your package from hour to hour, until it lands on your front porch!

Of course, in-store pickup is now available! So, when you're ready to place your order, just check the Pick up in store option .

Then, stay tuned, we'll send you an email letting you know when you can drop by the store to pick up your order!

Chewing activity

You don't have to worry, ALL our treats are 100% natural! Your only mission: find your dog's favorite treats from our large selection! Here are the most frequently asked questions when it comes to chewy treats:

You can start as soon as your puppy arrives at home, or even at 15! Yes, there is no age to start masticatory activity. It is essential, both for puppies and for dogs of the golden age! However, you have to choose the right treats for the puppies; go further down in the FAQ, we have prepared a complete list for you!

It is obvious that the strength of the jaws differs from dog to dog, which prevents us from giving a predefined answer. If in doubt, you can always write to us so that we can see together what would be best for your dog. However, we can give you the list of chewable treats that, according to our customers and our experience, are the most resistant:

Resistant treats (to eat whole):

- Water Buffalo Cheek Roll

- Barktastics Water Buffalo Roll

- Pork Stick

- Yak Cheese

- Braided bully stick

- Bully stick Jumbo - PCI

Resistant treats

- Olive wood and Ebony wood

- Heather root

- Half antler

- Goat horn

- Buffalo horn

- Clog

* Be careful, these treats, which are not very odorous, may not please all dogs. In addition, they are not designed to be eaten whole, unlike a pork roll! Rather, they are made to be chewed on .

Sure! In fact, we recommend chewing activity a minimum of 3 times a week! Chewing activity keeps the dog busy, in addition to mentally stimulating it. However, there are a few things to keep in mind:

Treats do not replace a dog's basic diet. It should therefore not spoil his appetite, nor replace one of his meals. In other words, think about the size of the treat in relation to your dog's stomach; for example, a full trachea would be too big for a small Yorkshire stomach.

Some of the chewable treats contain calories; so try to monitor the number of treats for small dogs and dogs that don't get a lot of exercise!

Although all our treats are 100% natural, it is best to always watch your dog to prevent him from swallowing too large pieces.

Tip: in order to retrieve the treat and have a positive and easy exchange with your dog, bring a tasty training treat ( beef lung , for example)! This will make it easier for your dog to make a trade!.

Sure! At Animaluxe, there is no discrimination, all dogs are entitled to treats adapted for them! Having a dog with allergies ourselves, it is very important for us to be able to offer a wide choice of single protein treats, which will meet the various needs of our customers (pork, water buffalo, duck, beef , chicken, lamb, etc.)

Before placing your order, write to us through our social networks; we will recommend certain products to you. We will also let you know if our different sets contain allergen product(s).

What are the musts for a puppy?

As soon as they arrive home, puppies can also enjoy the pleasures of chewing! Chewing treats stimulate the dog, in addition to occupying it for a while. They are an ally against all objects that pass under the sharp teeth of little puppies: no more destroying door frames and leather shoes!


In order to relieve the pain of teething, we advise you to put your puppy's chew treats in the freezer. For example, a trachea stuffed with pâté placed in the freezer will soothe his pain!

Keep in mind that treats for puppies should not be too hard; thus, olive wood * , briar root, antler, horns and hooves are to be avoided until your dog has his adult teeth.

We must not forget the size of a small puppy's stomach; some treats mentioned in the table below might sometimes be a little big for him. Just cut the treat, then watch your dog!

When your dog is older, we recommend trying the Discovery Chew Set to find out what his favorite chew treats are!

* As for olive antlers, it depends on the puppies, their breed, age and jaw! We often advise waiting until the dog has its adult teeth before giving it antlers or horns. However, if your dog is already chewing wood outside or wooden items in the house, olive wood could be a good alternative! Indeed, the latter is a safe wood for dogs!

Here are the recommended treats for puppies:

Bully stick and pizzle: Thanks to their fibrous texture, bully stick and pizzle act like dental floss; this is ideal for maintaining good oral health! These chewy treats are also great sources of protein! The bully stick and the pizzle, which soften when chewed, are therefore the best options for small puppy teeth.

Esophagus: Beef esophagus is one of the most nutritious chew treats, thanks to its high protein and low fat content.

Pork nose: A very tasty treat, pork nose is especially loved by dogs of all ages.

RAW BAR treats: All of our RAW BAR freeze-dried treats are ideal for puppies since they are not too hard; however, they are not less resistant!

Pig 's and cow's ears: The pig's ear, a short-lived crispy treat, not too hard for a puppy's teeth, will allow him to satisfy the chewing need of the puppy and will help him with his discomforts linked to the growing adult teeth.

Blown cow's ear is a nice alternative to white leather, without the drawbacks! The latter is simply boiled in water, without any bleaching treatment. Easy to digest due to its low fat content, it is ideal for puppies, senior dogs and dogs with sensitive digestion

Jerky: Low in calories, beef jerky is a tasty 100% natural treat. With its slim shape, this treat is easy to eat and gentle on pup's teeth.

Bladder: Bladder sourced from Canadian quality beef raised without hormones, antibiotics or steroids, this chewy treat will help clean the puppy's teeth, satisfy their boredom and satisfy their need to chew.

Fish fingers: Tasty, rich in fatty acids and omega and excellent for coat shine, fish fingers are easy to eat and delicious!

Bizzle: This treat, dehydrated to retain a rich flavor and chewy texture, is low in fat and high in protein.

Trachea: The cartilage in our beef tracheas provides a light supply of glucosamine and chondroitin. It's a very tasty treat that promotes oral health!

We often recommend introducing stuffed toys from an early age, as they can be very interesting if you want to find a fun and interactive way to give pâté, natural peanut butter or raw food to his dog. It is also possible to soften the dog's kibble in water (if he is fed kibble), then grind them to put them in a stuffed toy. It makes the meal different and fun!

Psst! We also recommend putting the interactive toys in the freezer, since the cold will greatly help relieve the puppy's toothache when teething. (When the dog is older, it can also be a good idea to keep this practice! Indeed, it allows you to lengthen the time of the treat and stimulates the dog.) You can also go and see on our networks social, since we often share stories from our very creative customers, which will give you several options when it comes to using interactive toys! We also have a “Interactive Toys” highlight which lists the stories about it!

Here are our suggestions:

- The Toppl

- The classic Kong

- Lickimat (licking mat)

Whether your dog is fed kibble or you simply want to find an activity to keep him busy, kibble dispensers are essential! They make the meal more interactive, fun and challenging. They also slow down the speed of ingestion.

Here are our suggestions:

- The Omega Paw

- The Bamboo ball

- The dispenser roll

We have multiple toys in store that are the funniest, funniest and most colorful than the rest!

Here are our suggestions:

- The Hurley

- The Hol-ee Roller

- The Grinz Ball

- The Jive ball

- WestPaw Plush

- The Silent Squeaks

What are your popular toys?

Stuff Toys provide a fun and interactive way to feed your dog pâté, natural peanut butter or raw food; that keeps him busy for a while! It is even possible to use them if your dog is fed kibble: all you have to do is soften them in water, then grind them to put them in a stuffed toy. It will make meal time different!

We also recommend putting the interactive toys in the freezer. Indeed, it allows to lengthen the time of the treat and makes the dog work a little harder! Plus, on hot summer days, this interactive treat will be perfect for cooling down your dog!

Here are our suggestions:

- The Toppl

- Soda Pups

- The Tux

- The lick mats

- The Spunky Pups

- The classic Kong

- The Rumble

- The Bobble Flex