Electric diffuser - Starter kit

Electric diffuser - Starter kit

Electric diffuser - Starter kit

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ADAPTIL Calm Diffuser is an ideal solution to help your dog overcome stress and adapt to their indoor environment when faced with difficult situations, for example when left alone at home, during loud noises or in the presence of visitors.

  1. It reinforces your bond by creating a reassuring environment at home. Its continuous soothing effect ensures the permanent well-being of your dog.
  2. Scientifically proven, used and recommended by veterinarians and dog breeders.

Easy to use:
Ready to use: screw the bottle onto the diffuser device and plug it into an electrical outlet. Leave the diffuser on all the time.

Good to know:
One refill can cover an area of ​​up to 70 m2. Avoid plugging the diffuser under a shelf or behind a door, curtains or furniture as this will affect the proper functioning of the device.

For more information...
To ensure your dog's continued well-being, use an ADAPTIL Calm refill every month. In order to optimize the results, it is necessary to check the operation of the diffuser monthly and to replace it after six months of use.

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