Algae oil

Algae oil

Algae oil

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Grizzly Algal Plus oil contains omega-3 fatty acids which help maintain healthy skin, shiny coat, healthy joints and a healthy cardiovascular system. It has also been DHA has been shown to be highly beneficial for the nervous system, eyes and for maintaining higher fertility status.

Sustainable Supply and Processing
L he supply of omega-3 fatty acids from microalgae provides an unlimited supply without depending on fish from the ocean. If more algae is needed, more algae is simply grown, without any waste or negative impact on shared environments or ecosystems.

Animal-free product

The Grizzly Algal Plus oil blends the best of algae oil and flaxseed oil, resulting in a 100% vegetarian and vegan omega supplement with no fishy smell or breath!

Available in format of:

946ml, 474ml, 237ml

For dogs and cats.

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